If you would like to know more, or you have someone or a company that would like to know  about sponsorship opportunites for all or part of the club such as a team, or maybe even next seasons Bottles, Balls or Bibs please feel free to enquire click HERE for the attention of Kevin Basson or Peter Alloway.

We are all very grateful for all those that have made a difference with  sponsoship in some way and thank you.

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New Club Kit Sponsor 2020-23

Delighted to announce a 3 year sponsorship Kit deal with this great partnership , Whitecliffe and Henley Camland, who are looking after some exciting  local developments in our area

To mark this great occasion we rocked up at Ebbsfleet Utd FC grounds in Sept 2020 to make our presentation, and had a suprise chat with Dennis Kutrieb newly appointed manager for Ebbsfleet UTD FC

 U7's Yell  2022

 U11's Yell  2021

  U8's Blk 2021

U7's Yell   2021 - Christian Cook Sponsor 

U 15's  Yell  2020

U12's 2020

U12's 2020

U15's Yell 2020

Club 2016-2019

U11's Yellow 2020

U13's 2020

U18's 2020

U8's 2020

My Bluewater Tutor 

U11 Girls 

U13's 2020 

Ability Teams x 5 

Sponsorship opportunities available 


Sponsorship opportunities available 

 U7's Yell  2022

U7's Blk  2021

U 12's  Yell  2021

Mens 1st Team  2020

U15's Yell 2020

Mens Vets Team 2020

Mens Vets Team 2020

Club 2005-2015

U15's Blk 2020

Mens Reserves 2020

U7's 2020

U11's Blk 2020

U16's 2020

U9's Yell 2020

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U9's Girls  2021

Girls U7's 

Sponsorship opportunities available 

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Sponsorship opportunities available